Creative Dyary 2017

This is a record of my Creative Dyary for 2017 - if you've not come across a Creative Dyary before it's a manilla covered journal with a page for your week's activities on the left and a page for you to decorate on the right. These decorative pages have pre-printed backgrounds or black and white pictures for you to complete. More on the Creative Dyary can be found here and there's a Facebook group for more inspiration! Grab a cup of tea - there are LOADS of photos! 
As a little explanation, I rarely share the diary side of my Dyary - partly because I make the page on a Sunday ready for the next week (and who wants to look at a blank page?!) and partly because I write about things my family and I do and I don't want to post anything which may embarrass the teenagers! 
The cover for my Dyary looks like this (and the blog post with more photos is here):
The inside cover to the Dyary looks like this:
Week Commencing 25 December 
Love my Su stamp and this super bright, slightly shabby background. It's perfect for this Christmas week!
Week Commencing 18 December 
Love the bright green of this penultimate page of the year! I used a fern stamp in the background to help with the Christmas theme.
Week Commencing 11 December 
I used Watering Can Archival Ink instead of my usual Jet Black which is why it looks a little washed out in the photo - can you tell I'm well in the Christmas spirit now?!!!
Week Commencing 4 December 
My first landscape page! I love these Elenzinski stamps for PaperArtsy.  
Week Commencing 27 November 
The start of Christmas! The snowman is there because the weather's really chnaging and it's getting really cold!
Week Commencing 20 November 
After not liking last week's page I went back to the page I loved for the week of 23 October - love the bow on the hat!
Week Commencing 13 November 
This is not my favourite page so I'm just going to gloss over it...!
Week Commencing 6 November 
I usually cover up the printed pages but this week I painted them - they ended up a little too bright so a thin layer of white paint knocked it back a little. 
Week Commencing 30 October 
The obligatory orange for Halloween page!
Week Commencing 23 October 
This is one of my favourite pages of the year - love the monochrome! I KNOW this is something I'll repeat lots in the future!
Week Commencing 16 October 
Can you tell my thoughts were turning to Halloween this week?! I really just wanted an excuse to use the bat stamp..! 
Week Commencing 9 October
I have bought the new brick and leaf stamp and stencil set from Dylusions - and couldn't wait to use them! This page was just the perfect excuse! 
Week Commencing 2 October
The new month seems to have crept up on me before I knew it! I didn't have much time this weekend to make a page so I used what was to hand! I added some stencilled numbers to the background and then used what was on my desk, leaf stamps and a figure I'd coloured ages ago and never used. Here's hoping the week isn't as busy as the weekend has been!
Week Commencing 25 September
This week I wanted to make a flamingo stand out from a crowd, hence two that are black and white. In hindsight, I think I'd put it in the middle if I was making this page again... what do you think?
Week Commencing 18 September
It's another birthday week in our house this week - and so I've commemorated it in my Dyary. I love this premade background so much that I didn't alter it at all. 
Week Commencing 11 September
This week's very busy page was an excuse to use my new flamingo stamps! The page was already pink so it seemed natural to make the flamingo blue! 
Week Commencing 4 September
There's a definite back to school vibe in my house this week and I tried to capture that in this week's page. I love the pencils arranged as a rainbow - the colours really pop! 
Week Commencing 28 August
The Bank Holiday weekend always makes me think of the seaside and so this page was born using some appropriate Dylusions stamps!
Week Commencing 21 August
This week I wanted to celebrate all things summer and these JoFy stamps for PaperArtsy fit the bill perfectly!
Week Commencing 14 August
Last week I went bonkers with spray inks and this week was no exception! So many inks in the background! The pink really pops out doesn't it? A great contrast to the bluey/green.
Week Commencing 7 August
I went a little crazy with my spray inks this week - it has more layers than the photograph shows. The last layer was a Vintage Photo Distress Spray - it seemed to lend itself to a vintage image.
Week Commencing 31 July
I love August - it is supposed to be hot and sunny and full of summer hope - someone forgot to tell the weather man though - it's very autumnal! Luckily this page reminds me of summer!
Week Commencing 24 July
This page was one I made with an 80's colour palette in mind! Very grey and pink! More can be found on my blog here.
Week Commencing 17 July
Think this is one of my favourite of Dyan's sentiments! This page was made for a Country View Crafts challenge - more here
Week Commencing 10 July
This week I was in the mood to have my image "surprise" me by peeping through a frame. The background is pretty busy so the image popping through is a moment of stillness on the page. 
Week Commencing 3 July
I wanted to repeat this image and I am not convinced I did it justice - I tried to make a simple page and I think I made it too simple... Hmmm... I like the page but don't you think it's a little too minimal?
Week Commencing 26 June
This week's page reflects my daughter's interview at school to be Principal Girl (she got it!) and how apt is that sentiment?!
Week Commencing 19 June
This page featured on my blog - here - and it really is one of my favourites!
Week Commencing 12 June
This week we said goodbye to a family member and so my page was minimal, reflective and somber to reflect how we were feeling.
Week Commencing 5 June
My daughter's birthday week prompted a birthday themed page - I love this cupcake stamp! The page had the bunting printed on so it made for a perfect backdrop!
Week Commencing 29 May
As an antidote for last week's masculine page, I made a feminine page with a lovely Wendy Vecchi inspired heart. It featured on my blog too!
Week Commencing 22 May
This is quite a masculine page for me - but I love the contrast of the orange and the teal blue. I should use this colour combination more often...
Week Commencing 15 May
I decided to go a little psychedelic this week! I love the way she seems to be appearing out from the background.
Week Commencing 8 May
I think this little chap is my favourite Stampotique stamp and the opportunity to use him three times was too much to pass up!
Week Commencing 1 May
May is a month where our garden springs into life and the birds start to fly the nest in the bush in our garden (sending our dog SWEA bonkers!)
Week commencing 24 April
Love this chap standing next to the huge flower - I can't decide if he's sheltering, waiting for someone or hoping he'll grow as big as it one day!
Week commencing 17 April
My birthday week so a birthday inspired page! 
Week commencing 10 April
Got to have an April Shower's inspired page...! I bought the raindrop stencil especially for this page from the recent craft show at Ally Pally... How did I not have one in my stash?!
Week commencing 3 April
This was one of the preprinted pages which meant I got to spend the week colouring it in whilst fitting in acting as the children's chauffeur!
Week commencing 27 March
I loved the background of this page so made a complementary tag and added Wendy Vecchi's tulip. 
Week commencing 20 March
I am really enjoying using my Dyary and this is this week's Dyary page using my PaperArtsy and Elenazinski stamps. I've shared the entries this week as they highlight my growing suspicion that my 14 year old son is up to something as he cooked dinner three times in a row... hmmm...!
Week commencing 13 March
This page features one of my most treasured stamps - I adore Su!
Week commencing 6 March
Every so often there is a blank page pre-printed which can be coloured. Very therapeutic when watching the TV after a busy day!
Week commencing 27 February

I love the whole showman feel of this page!
Week commencing 20 February
Sometimes you have a bonkers week and this page summed it up perfectly!
Week commencing 13 February
One of the first pages and also one of my firm favourites.
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Love your Dyary, both the art and the way you are using it!

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Thank you for sharing. I just got my dyary in the mail and I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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Oh wow this is fabulous, love it all. So creative and colourful. xx

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