Creative Dyary 2018

This is a record of my Creative Dyary for 2018 - if you've not come across a Creative Dyary before it's a manilla covered journal with a page for your week's activities on the left and a page for you to decorate on the right. These decorative pages have pre-printed backgrounds or black and white pictures for you to complete. My Creative Dyary for 2017 can be found here, Dyan's introductory video can be found here and there's a Facebook group for more inspiration! Grab a cup of tea - there will be LOADS of photos! 
As a little explanation, I rarely share the diary side of my Dyary - partly because I make the page on a Sunday ready for the next week (and who wants to look at a blank page?!) and partly because I write about things my family and I do and I don't want to post anything which may embarrass the teenagers! 
The cover for my Dyary looks like this (I'll update the photo when I've decorated it - I like to live with it for a little while until I know how it should look!):
Week commencing 1 January 2018
I'm starting the year with my favourite colour! I love Lime! The pops of red and purple should help balance the green - I feel like it needs something else - maybe a quotation? I'll sleep on it and then I'll know what it needs!

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