29 April 2011

Crowning Glory!

Freya (child no1) asked me to blog her lovely crown that she made for today's street party celebrating the nuptials of William and Kate. The brief was to make a crown for a children's crown competition. She had the bright idea to make a crown of crowns and her brother (child no2!) came up with the idea of covering his with tin foil! 
So using both ideas Freya cut two strips of paper 1cm wide and sellotaped them together in the middle. She covered a sheet of A4 card in tin foil and used Tim's mover and shaper crown die and my wonderful Vagabond and cut out 15 crowns. 
She left one silver and used six colours of Alcohol Inks to colour the remaining crowns (she loves using Alcohol Inks - they give an instant result which is very good when you're 10!) She then stuck them to the head band and then joined the circle. 
In between the crowns she put a silver jewel. It looks really good, in fact too good for a child to have made, so I hope she's not disappointed if she doesn't win!
Congratulations to William and Kate - we hope they have a wonderful day!
Gabrielle x

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