13 April 2011

New beginnings!

So. My new shiny blog! I thought I would write about my crafting journey (especially as I have something very exciting coming up - but I am sworn to secrecy!).

I have been very lucky on my journey so far. I have dabbled in a bit of card making but never really found it a true pleasure and then, after moving to a new part of the country, I met some lovely people who introduced me to scrapbooking in the summer of 2009. I loved the idea of making a memory last so much longer with a gem here and an embellishment there! Since then I have discovered the wonderful world of Tim Holtz whose grungy take on just about everything has really opened my eyes to new possibilities. I have been lucky enough to be commissioned to make things for other people, some of which I will share here, and often this has been at the expense of my own projects!

I hope you like what I make and that you will let me know how I can improve and what else you'd like to see on my new shiny blog!

Gabrielle x

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