14 April 2011

Short and Sweet!

I was lucky enough to need to send a thank you to someone (that always means that someone has done something nice in the first place and some days that feels pretty rare!) so I decided to send a tag (my new latest thing!) that was not only quick but also used up odds and ends!

So, using Tim's tag die I cut out one patterned paper (purchased from Stampin' Up) and one plain cream tag which I stuck back to back and sealed the edges with the very delicious Sketchbook tissue tape. I wrote my thank you on the cream side (I always try and do that first - it's very tricky when the embellishments are on the front - I don't always remember though!)

Then I covered cardboard with dictionary paper and cut out one of Tim's butterflies. I inked the edges with Fired Brick and when it was assembled I covered it's tum with Crackle Accents although I was too impatient to wait for it to crack when I took the photo! The edges stick out from the tag so on the back of the wings was dictionary paper so that when it was turned over there was a bit of continuity!

The 'thank you' was done one our trusty Dymo and just put on a little bit of cream card and the edges inked so it stands out. I added a bit of gold ribbon I bought from eBay last year (I love eBay!) 

It looked lovely and really didn't look like it was made out of a few left overs!

Gabrielle x

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