5 December 2011

Tag #5 - the one that got away!

Urgh! It was a disaster! I'm a bit like a child, after 8pm I'm useless at anything requiring concentration but work, a trip to the Opticians (F doesn't need glasses much to her dismay), the Library and making tea got in the way of starting today's tag. The alcohol inks worked treat as always but I don't have the backward stamps, I can't subtly add glossy accents to the back of a clear tag, I don't have the garland die and the Stampin' Up punch I used looked awful... the moaning goes on... 
So I decided to have a go at Tim's suggested second  version and that's worked out a whole lot better. Thank you again for your support through these tags - your fabulous comments really cheered me up. To see what I tried to make please pop on over to Tim's blog to see Tag #5 in all its glory (and it really is gorgeous!)
ps - Sorry the pictures are a little dark - there's no natural sunlight at 9.30pm on a winter's night in Milton Keynes!


Helen said...

Hey, don't beat yourself up, it's OK. Hope you have a happier day tomorrow... half way tomorrow!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Great tag Gabrielle, love the baubles. Tracy x

Sharon said...

Well, it's a fabulous tag despite all the trials you had. I don't have those reflection stamps either and had to improvise too. I love you tag. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.
Sharon xx

Michaela said...

Hi Gabrielle
I did not expect you to have another tag so quickly. It does not look bad at all. I like it and find it inspirational.
Michaela xx

Heavenly Craft things said...

Hugs. I don't have a large portion of the stuff Tim uses. Do not beat yourself up. I think this tag is awesome, sometimes it is the mistakes and the re working of things that make the best things in the end.

Alison said...

Your tag is brilliant Gabrielle, love those baubles! I much preferred this version to Tim's main tag. Half of the fun to me, is finding other things I can use if I don't have what Tim used. Of course, when time is limited, it can be a real challenge!
Alison x