19 April 2014

44 is just a number!

Today is my birthday! I guess from the title I can't try and pretend to be 21 again! I really don't mind being a year older - and I certainly don't mind being 44 - it just means I'm another year wiser! 
This is a quick journal page I made to document my new age and record how I feel about it - I left a gap beneath the picture for my thoughts! The cake was a surprise the children bought me on Thursday evening after work as that's when the celebration weekend began!


Helen said...

Hope you have the happiest of birthdays, Gabrielle. Love the look of that cake, they sure know the way to your heart. BTW 44 is a small number!! Hugs and stuff for a great day. ... I am afraid the card never got made...which is so bad of me!
xxx Helen

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Happy birthday Gabrielle, hope you've had a wonderful day. Your journal page looks fabulous.

butterfly said...

It is just a number - and one worth celebrating (I'll get one year ahead of you in less than a week!)... love the bold bright colours of the page - full of positivity and strength.
Alison x

Julie Lee said...

Gorgeous page, Gabrielle! The colours are stunning and that cake was so obviously made with lots of love! It looks delicious! Have a wonderful, creative year! Julie Ann xxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic page, I'm glad you enjoyed your day.