2 February 2015


Ooh! It's my second month of Kate Crane's Art Journal Calendar challenge for 2015! That's pretty good going! I even have my idea for March buzzing around in my head!
I decided I wanted to keep some elements of January running through the whole year's pages - I enjoyed doing that with the Alphabet challenge last year and so have incorporated some of those elements again. I have left a few banks spaces this time, that I might fill in as the month goes on - I don't want it to be quite as busy as January's so reined it in a little but as the month goes on that might change!
I had stamped out the head for the heart woman twice and couldn't bear not using it so I cut out a couple of elements and used them on the left hand page. 
I deliberately left the ink on the sides of the letter stamps to remind me that not everything has to be perfect - my lesson for 2015! I never mind a mistake or two - they often improve your work, but stray in on a stamp is my next thing to embrace! Happy February to you!


Helen said...

I love your February calender page!

snazzyoriginal said...

Love you quirky heart woman xx