25 February 2016

Circle Journal - the full story!

This is a long post so make a cup of tea before you read it!!!
A few of us in the PaperArtsy (PATWITS) community decided to make a journal that we would post to the next in the group, thus creating a circle, and each of us would add add a page therefore ending with a totally unique journal with pages displaying a whole variety of styles by some seriously amazingly talented people! We were able to specify any rules or requirements if we had any but had to use at least one PaperArsty product. 

So... My journal looks like this! My cover (by me!) I thought that if my cover was too vibrant, it might influence the pages that the others created, so I created a neutral cover that allowed for the others to unleash their creativity.

When it was returned to me it was all wrapped up so prettily! Who wouldn't want to open that?!

The first page is my "instruction" to the circlers (or is that journallers?!) I wanted people to be free to make whatever they fancied so didn't set any rules! 

Linda Regan was first and I just love her details - there is so much to look at! Love the butterflies flying in and around the words! 

Chris Cresswell has made this incredibly textured page with the most gorgeous multicolored flowers - definitely going to copy this idea!

Julie Bell created a really wonderful page with fabulous splashes of colour that look amazing against the textured blue of the sky.

Catherine Johnson has used my favourite colour (lime green!) and mixed it with this fabulous coral which is a combination I shall use lots - it's amazing!

Clare Lloyd has, without knowing it, created my daughter's current favourite hairstyle - she's really hoping to go blue once she leaves school in June! Looks like I won't be able to say no as this gal is just incredible!

Claire Snowden has created an incredibly delicate and really quite romantic page. I really love it and love the addition of fabric - love that new stamp!


Now on to the pages I made for others...
The first page I made was for Claire Snowdon. Luckily there were no rules from Claire for my first page!

My second page was for Clare Lloyd. She asked for a double page spread with bright colours. Not sure this was bright enough but I tried!

My third page was for Catherine Johnson. I was feeling a little monochrome!

Julie Bell asked for a quotation and so I chose one from a perennial favourite of mine... Oscar Wilde!

For Chris Cresswell I was feeling a little floral (love Darcy's new flower stamps!)

Linda Regan wanted to see a flower or butterfly in her junk journal and I chose flowers

THANK YOU everyone who participated - I LOVE my journal and will treasure it, and your incredible talent xxx We are starting a new circle journal round soon - I can't wait!


Hazel Agnew said...

This is totally wonderful Gabrielle....and somewhat scary for me, the newbie joining in! Everyone has done such an amazing job....love it! Xx

Chris Cresswell said...

Oh Gabrielle. What a fabulous post and a lovely preview of the gorgeous page you made for me!! I cannot wait to receive it now. Everyone has certainly done you proud. There is such a variety of artistic talent in your journal. I know that I have learned so much from this experience but find I want to try out so many ideas it makes my head whirl lol! I really love your grey/ monotone page. I love the way you created the inner border and then that fabulous Lynn Perrella image in the middle. I think that's my all time favourite - apart from the page you made for me of course!! Thankyou for this fabulous show and tell. I will do the same when I receive mine!

Clare Lloyd said...

Fabulous journal. X

Helen said...

I love all of these pages - your pages for everyone else, and everyone's pages for you - stunning journal work! thanks for sharing this.

Catie Cuddles said...

What a fabulous treasure! Loved our circle journal and can't wait for the second one to start too. Love my monochrome page.
C xxx

Claire said...

Great summary post - your completed journal was gorgeous, I loved everyone's pages and I'm so glad it found its way safely back to you :-)

Miriam said...

I love both your journal and the pages you created.....what a lovely journal to receive back!

Wanda Hentges said...

What a treasure!!!!!!!!!!!! And your pages for others are wonderful!!!!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Wow, what works of art, both those received and sent! A fabulous idea and a journal to be treasured and enjoyed for many years, thanks for sharing it! Deb xo

Caz said...

What fantastic artwork on all the pages! You must be so pleased to have such a wonderful journal to treasure!