5 April 2017

Rusty Things

The theme at Country View Crafts Challenges is 'Rust' and I made a rusty looking tag. 
I covered a small tag in metal tape and then embossed the tag with a Texture Fade.
I started the rusting process by covering the tag with Little Black Dress Fresco paint by putting a small amount of paint on some Cut and Dry foam and tapping the foam on the tag. I didn't want a smooth surface as rusty surfaces are anything but smooth so tapping works best for me! 
I then built up several layers using Mocha Mousse, Chutney and Smoked Paprika. I probably made a total of about 30 layers building up the colours and trying to ensure a random spread of colour. I added a little black in the odd place here and there as I was building the layers to keep the overall effect non-uniform.
Then I added some Copper Treasure Gold on the tag and added more paint on top to 'knock' the Treasure Gold backwards.
On the accents (the house, bird and large flower) I used the same techniques as above but added a little Captain Peacock to the edges so they stood out against the tag. It's really an opportunity to experiment and if you don't like the effect you can cover it up and start again! My only advice would be to try and be random in your application of the paint as a rusty object in real life is not uniformly rusty.
I hope you find your inner rustiness and join in with us this month!


Helen said...

such a realistically rusty looking tag! love it.

Miriam said...

Love your tag... Theresa is great

Corrie Herriman said...

Lovely rusty looking tag !
Corrie x

Kirsten said...

It looks great!

Evelyn Walter said...

wow, so many layers! Love your tag, Gabrielle!
Evelyn xx