25 August 2017


Earlier this week I went to another University Open Day (Sunderland this time). We found ourselves passing Harrogate and it seemed a shame not to detour and visit Art From the Heart! I *might* have bought a few new goodies and so this page in my small Creative Flip Journal is a first play with these new delights!
I bought some leaf stamps as I'm certain I can't have enough of those! The spiders were from last year's Halloween set that "fell" into my hand! The quote is one I found a while ago. I've agreed with it and disagreed with it in turn but it's certainly made me think!
These two Stampotique stamps were desperate to come home with me. I *might* have bought a couple of others too that will debut soon! This is one of those layouts that I'll come back to in a couple of months (probably the next time I have new things!) and will add a little more to it - but for now it's finished!

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