5 October 2017

Creative Dyary - September

September's been a busy month and I can't believe it's over! I really enjoy carving out some time each week to create a page in my Dyary. More about the Dyary and a weekly summary of my Dyary year so far can be found here if you're interested!
Week Commencing 4 September
Back to school featured high in my week and so it seemed natural to reflect that on that week's page!
Week Commencing 11 September
The very pink page needed a blue feature to balance it - I love this flamingo!
Week Commencing 18 September
My son had a birthday this week and so I made this page in his honour. I think it might be one of my favourites of the year...
Week Commencing 25 September
I wanted to use the flamingo again and contrast the pink against black and white versions. I'm not sure I've fully achieved my aim however it's important to document the "nearly but not quites" as well as the perfect ones - it's all a learning curve!


Chris Cresswell said...

I love these Gabrielle. The flamingo is wonderful. Is it a Dylusions stamp?

Helen said...

fabulous work!

Clare Lloyd said...

Your diary pages are beautiful