12 February 2012

Birthday Memories

One half of my babysitting dynamic duo turned 18 on Wednesday and is off to Uni and a whole new set of exciting adventures later this year. Her mum, Sara, asked family and friends if they would decorate a tag to go into a memory box for her. Isn't that a cool idea?!
I couldn't limit what I wanted to do to one tag so I made two! I used a variety of PanPastel colours, a dotty mask and a star stamp to make the background. Before I started I adhered the two together with some calendar Tissue Tape and then added colours randomly to start the background. I then put the mask over the colours and randomly added some dots. You'll see from the photo below that I didn't mind that a couple of the dots overlapped (blue over green) as it added to the overall effect of colours merging inot each other.
I added six stars using clear ink and then coloured them with the pastels. I then added some heartfelt words. The tags are closed together with a piece of lime green sari ribbon. Happy 18th birthday to my wonderful babysitter - I hope you enjoy being 18 as I loved it, though I might suggest you do a little more work on your A'Levels than I did!!! ;)


victoria h said...

A lovely idea from Sara. I especially like your wonderful words on the tags - to remind her how special she is.

Helen said...

I agree it is a lovely idea and you are your tags!! Great to meet you (and Freya) today...

TonyR said...

delicious tags!
i am sure they will be treasured.

i am now thinking i NEED pan pastels!!! are they as fabulous as they seem?
i have been using portfolio pastels with lots of fun!
tony x