24 February 2014

'Ouch' - Round 2!

My second Journal page about my accident - the first can be found here!
Well, the last few months have been in turn pretty tough and challenging and I suspect the next few months may be similar! As you may know I spectacularly hurt myself when I fell off my bike in May by breaking my humorous and shattering my elbow (this post explains more) and have taken, at the point of writing, nine months, to recover. It has been a r-e-a-l-l-y slow recovery as far as I am concerned but the family think it’s been quicker! I had nerve damage from the operation that meant I couldn’t use my wrist or hand for three months (the skin on my hand is still numb today!) and then I had the injury and subsequent surgery to recover from.

Whilst I am not back to ‘normal’ I have been able to start to drive again (hallelujah!) and do the blummin’ ironing (urgh!) amongst a host of other things! It was a really exciting day when I could use a knife and fork – who knew such a simple thing could bring such pleasure! There have been lots and lots of small successes along the way which has made the process easier to bear! 

I started this post by saying the last few months have been tough. That’s true, but they have also meant I have spent lots of really great quality time with my family and friends and have also discovered that I’m far more resilient and determined than I ever thought possible! Despite the whole process being really quite painful we have laughed so much – mainly at my initially pathetic efforts to do the smallest tasks! So tough it has been, but it’s given me a lot of joy too – who knew that shattering your elbow could have so many positive points?!?

Sadly the metalwork, or meccano as I like to call it, is causing me a problem. I’ll not go into details (you may thank me!) but far from being mine for life, it now has to come out. My operation is set for today (eek!) and so I’ll be out of action for a little while. I’ve been a busy bee and have lots of DT posts scheduled so I’ll look like I’m here even though I’m not! I’ve no doubt I’ll be tweeting/facebooking from my sofa when I start to feel better – I hope you’ll join me!

As always, thank you for your support – it really is most gratefully received xxx
ps: I've noticed that the colours I used for my first journal page about my accident are oranges and reds - really 'danger' colours. The pages I created for my update are much more subdued and softer - I think that says a lot about how my state of mind has changed over the last few months!


Helen said...

Love your journal page, my sweet - I hope today goes well and you are back in action - and to normal (ha ha indeed) very soon. MWAH xxxx

Inkypinkycraft said...

hope all goes well honey and you are back to feeling better soon! take care hugs xx xtrace x

Silvia(Barnie) said...

A fabulous page. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll feel better soon .)

butterfly said...

A wonderful page recording that journey to recovery. So sorry to hear that the metalwork has to come out again... I've been able to keep the many screws and plate in my ankle (ten years and counting, touch wood)- I hate the thought of another op to take it all out. Wishing you lots of luck with it.
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been around, but I am thinking of you every day & sending lots of love your way. Hopefully the op will sort things out for you & you'll be back to normal very soon.
This is a fab journal page, love the background.