25 February 2017

My latest completed Journal

I have completed a small Moleskine journal and looking back on some of the pages I thought it might be nice to share some of my favourites! You may remember some and some I may not have shared before! Didn't I keep the cover clean! That's because I wrap paper round the journal as I create so I don't get paint or ink on the pages I've made.

I love the bright colours on this page. I remember smiling all the time I made it and it makes me smile to look at it again now!
Sometimes less is more and I think this page sums that up!
I love multiple images and this repeated image seems to go really well with the quote!
Another simple looking page but you know that the simpler ones can take longer to get right than the complex pages - this was no exception!
This was one of my first 'plays' with Infusions and I loved the effect they made. I am still in love with them today!
I loved making this page - it was quick and simple and the sprayed paint background was a joy to make.
Pink and blue, with a little yellow (gold in this case) is my favourite colour combination. Su is heavily disguised on this page!
This may be the last page in the journal but it was actually the second page I made! I always work from the outside in. So I'll do one page in the front and then the next page in the back so that the book stays balanced as it grows.
Thank you for popping by, I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane!


Helen said...

Gorgeous pages. Great idea of working through the journal that way.

Claire said...

Great pages and thanks for sharing. I've yet to ever finish a journal completely as I keep starting new ones lol! X

Sue said...

Fabulous pages Gabrielle, and I like you system though I don't know how it would fit in with my system of do a couple of pages then give up lol. Well done for completing one xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow. These are amazing. Lx

Booknut said...

Love your work chook xxxc

butterfly said...

How lovely to have a full journal. I have so many different sizes and formats on the go, and flick from one to the next, that I'm not sure any of them will ever be completed! Great to see this fab selection of pages.
Alison x

Clare Lloyd said...

How lovely to have completed your journal...looks fab. Haven't finished any of mine yet!

Chris Cresswell said...

Fabulous pages Gabrielle. So good to see a complete journal. It helps identify your style. You've used a real variety of images. It must be so lovely to look through now and stroke these gorgeous pages! I have lots of incomplete journals. Perhaps I should finish them lol!

Julie Bell said...

Wow, fab journal pages, well done on completing it xx

Kirsten said...

Gorgeous pages!!