26 September 2013

Double Take!

I often get asked what happens to the things I make - I bet you get asked too! Well, often I give them away; notes to the teacher etc. But some I want to keep and so I did another version of them in my journal. These are two examples of how I 'saved' these tags in a larger format.
The first is this my butterfly brain tag:
and this is the version in my journal:
I also really liked the tag I made for a recent Dragons Dream challenge:
So with the help of a scanner, I made a similar page in my journal:
How do you keep the projects you really feel proud of? I'd love to know!


Helen said...

Love your journal sized versions of your favourite tags.... mine just sit in a box (boxes) cluttering up the place, lol!!! So once they're in your journal, what do you do with the original tags? LOL!!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

So creative - all your pages are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I love these. My makes sit in a box.