11 July 2012


I owe you a deep apology. I have been AWOL and my only excuse is top secret but I'm back today! Hurrah! So, this is my desk on Sunday because I knew I wouldn't go near it again! For the spelling police I have done nothing to rearrange the letters at my window to say 'STUDIO'. Can you see my truly fabulous spinners for my blending tools? I got them from Crafty Boots and I'm really pleased with them.
My second Vagabond decided to start smoking on Saturday so that means a phone call to Sizzix! So i broke out my trusty (non electric!) Cuttlebug. The pizza box has lots of secret things inside (I told you I my absence was top secret!) - I'm hoping to be able to share what I've been doing soon!
As if you needed evidence of my hard work my bin *might* just need emptying! SWEA had been in her bed until I whipped out my camera - she incredibly difficult to photograph! Right, that's enough from me today... for much more snooping please pop on over to the fabulous Julia's place and see more creative places!
I'll be back at 10am with my Dragons Dream Tag... here's a sneak peek!


sandra de said...

Love the peek out of your tsuido window. HOpe the vagabond behaves.
Sandra @43

Helen said...

Hope to see your tsudio in the flesh sometime... (lol!) did you get your vagabond sorted? I saw they responded to your tweet! Can't wait to see your TIO in full (oh, I already have, ha ha!) Hugs,Helen 16

CraftygasheadZo said...

I hope by the time I get to visit your spelling will have improved! Fab spinners, and so much secrecy, can't wait to see. Take care, enjoy desk hopping! Zo xx 62

Trish Latimer said...

oh blimey, you're 'tsudio' sign now has me singing Phil Collins!! arggh!!! Love the spinners, hope the vagabond is sorted soon! Trish #68

Redanne said...

Gosh, just visited Trace and she has three spinners, you have two and I only asked for one for my birhday! They look great and so does your sneak peek, roll on tomorrow.......Happy WOYWW, Anne x #54 (I wouldn't dream of mentioning your spelling.....

BJ said...

Love my Cuttlebug and glad to see you do too at present. Can also see a potential spray box there too - LOL BJ#80

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh, your spinners look wonderful, lucky you even owning two of them!
Sorry to hear about your vagabond... I have to say though, the more I read these kind of stories about the V (and there are quite a few of them out there), the happier I am I decided against getting one... Hope you get yours sorted!!
Happy WOYWW #42

Danielle said...

Lol, Trish. I was thinking the same thing. I hope you get your vagabond fixed soon! Dani 31

kay said...

jealous of your tool holders,couldnt find them via your link though?
have fun with your secret project
have a fabby crafty week
kay #52

Hazel said...

I hope we don't have to wait too long before you reveal the secret. Thanks for a peep at your workspace. Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x

Ann B said...

There do seem to be a few problems with the Vagabond - I'll stick to my Cuttlebug for now. Intrigued by all your little hints and can't wait to find out what you have been up to.
Ann B

Erika said...

Mmm love the look of that tag Gabrielle. Shame about the Vagabond I have heard that so didn't buy one.
Thanks for sharing, hugs Erika.

Liz Black said...

Hope you get your vagabond fixed soon : ( Loving your desk, what a fab load of stuff! Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz 133 x

May said...

sorry to hear about your vagabond.. I must say I hear a lot of these breaking down... I wonder if Mr Holtz knows this... I use my manual big shot for 4 years with never any trouble as yet!!4 times my friend has had to send the vagabond back...sizzix need to sort it out as it must drive you and others mad..... Cant wait for the reveal of the pizza box??... have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#8

trisha too said...

Yep, I can understand some of those "secrets"--finally got to share a piece this week that had been waiting around for a long time!

:)trisha, #36 this week (link)

Neesie said...

And here's me thinking 'tsuido' was a word for the latest superduperly can't live without piece of equipment!
Ho hum...I've such a lot to learn ;D
Lots of intregue surrounding your craftyness Gabrielle but I suppose we'll have to wait to see what is revealed.
Have lots of fun...Happy WOYWW!
Neesie #14

Lunch Lady Jan said...

OOohhh, you tease - what enticing wonders does the pizza box hold?? You will have to reveal all very soon!

What on earth are spinners?? I thought it was a load of lycra clad sweaty women on bikes in a gym somewhere, lol!!

And you spell anyhow you like...be rebellious. I definitely getting worse as IO get older!!

I really hope you get to the WOYWW crop in October - it would be great to meet you :)

HUgs, LLJ #57 xx

Shoshi said...

Love your Tsudio this week Gabrielle - lol at the spelling police! Hope you get your vag#4abond sorted soon.

Happy belated WOYWW,