3 April 2017

My Dyary Cover

I wanted to take a while before decorating the cover of my Dyary because I wanted to get a sense of its style. Every journal has its own heart don't you think?! So this weekend I decided to be brave and put paint to cardboard!
The front and back have the same treatment with the same paint colours, stencils and stamps used. The cover has a debossed box and so I scraped the paint that covered the debossed shape. I might draw in the shape with a paint pen at some point in the future... not decided yet!
On the front I added a tag with the dictionary definition of 'journal'. A close up is here:
The back cover shows 'the end' and I didn't like the what I'd done to the head of the chap so replaced it with a skull thinking that pretty accurately represents another end!
I know that this cover is about 95% finished - once I get a paint pen in my hand and a spare five minutes I'm sure I'll add some doodling! As the dyary will last until December I wanted to leave something for later in the year! 
Thank you, as always, for popping by!


Helen said...

gorgeous covers! I love those hearts, they make such a beautiful background pattern.

Hazel Agnew said...

Great cover, not done mine yet! Xx

Miriam said...

I love this Gabby...i really need to play with mine

Lauren Hatwell said...

Super cool.... Lx

Rita Montgomery said...

Very cool....love all the layers. ~~rita

Kirsten said...

Gorgeous covers!