16 April 2011

Not such a Distressing time!

Inspiration comes in many forms, often when you least expect it! This time I had saved the May 2011 edition of Craft Stamper magazine to read whilst I waited for a small operation (all went well btw!) Anyhow I read a brilliant article by the lovely Linda Elbourne who had made Dulux like swatch cards from Tim's Distress Inks( Please note: The article is on p56 not on p76 as the index says) I just couldn't get this quite brilliant idea out of my brain!

Well, yesterday, no 1 child and I sat down and had a great few hours playing with my distress inks. We followed the instructions pretty closely as Linda had laid out but I have discovered that I can't cut even squares for toffee!!! Not even with my guillotine... hopeless! 
Please read the article as it gives much better instructions but basically:
  • Cut 3 2" squares per colour and one 6" x 2" strip
  • Colour two squares (using Cut n' Dry foam)
  • On the first stamp a flourish 
  • On the second mist with water and wipe off
  • On the third swipe the ink across the square
  • Glue the squares to the strip and write the name of the colour on the bottom square
  • Make a front and back cover and attach altogether with a book ring

I found some colours that I have completely forgotten I had and now I can colour match in a way I couldn't before! Also it was a project that my 10 year old could do with ease and that meant an afternoon of the Easter holidays flew by! Win win!
Huge thank you to Linda for letting me blog this brilliant idea - you are an inspiration!
Gabrielle x


Linda Elbourne said...

I have the BIGGEST goose bumps ever! Not only did you do an amazing job but the thought of you and your daughter playing with inks together paints the prettiest of pictures! Thank you so much for making my day x

Gabrielle said...

Thank you THE Linda! See - people do follow where you lead! Thank you for your generosity!

Marjie Kemper said...

This is a fantastic idea! I am putting it on my (and my sons') to do list for the near future. Thanks for sharing.