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31 July 2013


I'm back! Several weeks ago I fell off my bicycle breaking my humorous and smashing my elbow. I had surgery and have a few screws and plates holding me back together! Following surgery I have sustained inevitable nerve damage which has caused a lot of problems with my wrist and hand. I've taken the intervening time to heal. It will actually take months more heal completely but I'm on the mend now! 
I have been able to start to craft again. It's mainly one handed and so I'm keeping things pretty simple. There are lots of techniques I can't do one handed and using paint is pretty difficult but spray inks are really easy to use! I can use stamps (though often it's an uneven result!) and I am just starting to be able to cut things out! It's all baby steps and frustratingly slow but it's so much more than I was able to do before!
I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for your kind good wishes here and on Facebook and Twitter as well as your cards and emails. Each one was very gratefully received and treasured.
I thought I'd share a journal page I made to 'commemorate' my experience! I'm back tomorrow with my first DT project since the accident!