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31 December 2017

My Notebook

Hello. I hope you have a wonderful festive period and that, if you celebrate Christmas, you had some crafty goodies! I'm so sorry I've been absent for such a long time - I've had such a busy non-crafty life over the last few weeks that I hardly been able to craft, let alone blog.
I thought I'd share my altered work notebook. I use an A4 page a day diary - that way I make notes on meetings on the date it happened so it's easier for me to refer back to my notes. The cover was very textured (with a plastic coating) so I sanded it before adding paint. I used white and then blue paint before adding the stencilled green leaves and then stamping over.
The cover has a mixture of stencils as well as stamps with the stamped images stamped on old book paper as it's very thin - this was important as I have covered the diary with sticky back plastic to preserve it and thicker card would create bumps!
You can still see the black background of the diary through the paint - I like that effect!
I love the birds (which is why there are loads!) and this Wendy Vecchi pencil stamp. I use it such a lot!
Thank you, as always for popping by and for understanding me being absent these last few weeks - I'll try and be more active next year!